IOS Mobile Application

iOS Development Technologies

iOS development technologies and tools refers to an assorted set of tools, technologies and programming languages that are used to develop an app for iPhone and iPad devices, or any other Apple products. The tools and technologies are specific to each task involved in iPhone and iPad app development. The tasks include wireframing, design, development (creating code with programming languages) and testing, while the app submission is a post development task, which does not require the use of any tools.

Xcode, which is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), is one of the integral iOS Development Technologies that we use. Xcode comprises of a suite of software development tools developed by Apple that is used to build software or application for iOS and OS X.

Native Development Technologies - iOS Application Development

Developing a native app have tons of advantages. Such apps receive complete support from App Stores and the overall app marketplace. Moreover, native apps are interactive, intuitive, and run more smoothly in terms of user input and output. In order to take advantage of these qualities, it is paramount to figure out which technology will best serve you in bringing about the desired results.

Most native iOS applications in Apple’s App Store are written in the Objective-C programming language, and developers more often than not use Xcode to develop their applications. The most frequently used native development technologies for iOS app development we use are -

Objective-C: Objective-C is a comprehensive, object-oriented programming language that incorporates Smalltalk-style messaging to the C programming language. It was the main programming language supported by Apple for iOS operating systems and its application programming interfaces (APIs).

Swift: For apps specific to Apple products, Swift is the language we prefer. It has advanced features with minimal coding that can be maintained with relative ease.

Cross-Platform Technologies - iOS Application Development

Developing an ideal iOS not only requires good design, optimized UI and UX but also involves a plethora of cross-platform technologies for the app to function across varied platforms. Some of the cross-platform technologies used for iOS app development at Marak Technologies are -

PhoneGap: PhoneGap, an open-source software, utilizes CSS3, HTML5 and JavaScript to develop native applications. However, this framework also allows the blending of native and hybrid code snippets that results in creating apps that are neither truly native mobile nor web-based.

Appcelerator: Appcelerator is yet another open-source framework that we employ. It is the best choice to develop hardware-based apps.

RhoMobile: RhoMobile is another powerful open-source framework that allows native app development for multiple platforms. This framework employs various web technologies like CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript and Ruby.

WidgetPad: One of the best open-source environments that we employ for mobile app development is WidgetPad. This incredible framework utilises web technologies like JavaScript and HTML5 to offer a host of options like source code editing, versioning, and distribution.

MoSync: MoSync is yet another open-source multi-platform mobile app development framework we utilise. It supports a host of programming languages such as JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, and Python. MoSynce is integrated with Eclipse-based IDE and allows native mobile app development for multiple platforms employing C/ C++ programming.