Security is not expensive anymore!

Today’s digital world is full of threats. You can never breath easy with threats of security breach to your IT network. Cyber security is a growing necessity for businesses globally, especially with the expansion in cyber-attacks and data breaches that are costing businesses and even the public sector millions of dollars on a yearly basis. Cyber security might not stop all the threats, but they thwart most commonly know threats and slow down most others. However, this security is often quite expensive to acquire.

Marak Technologies, a premier IT company with offices in Kolkata and Shillong, also provides cyber security services. We offer 30% off on our standard service cost of ₹750 per hour with 1 Month Free Support.

As a premier provider of cyber security services, we aim to:

  • Define a holistic strategy for cybersecurity for businesses
  • Define a security architecture that rightly fits the vision and needs of a business
  • Create sustainable solutions to provide foundational capabilities and operational discipline
  • Maintain alertness in the event of changes pertaining to a business or technology
  • Protect valuable client information
  • Transform the business mindsets in terms of the ways they respond to threats
  • Take an integrated approach in the selection and implementation of cyber security solutions that can help our clients to discover the maximum value of our solutions

Marak Technologies’ cyber security services offers an insight into a business’ security management. By doing so businesses can assess any sensitive data, critical infrastructures, and applications via which a right form of strategy can be devised, along with a robust GRC structure and target operating model.