We all know the power of social media and believe it or not its popularity is booming among users, which only means that for businesses it is a great way to grow brand awareness, engagement, and drive traffic.

Whether it's Facebook, Instagram, TikTok (Yes, it’s powerful), or Twitter, these apps are becoming the mantra for everyone’s daily life. Billions around the world are waking up to notifications and falling asleep to funny videos on TikTok or important information on Twitter.

The reach of social media channels is far-reaching and highly-effective due to which these networks are becoming an important tool for businesses, who want their business to be seen, heard, and experienced either locally or globally alike. In fact, what makes these networks more valuable is that they are now easily accessible on anyone’s mobile phones, which according to studies make up for 91% of users worldwide.

This is where social media marketing comes in as a helping hand for businesses, using the right visuals and text to pass on their brand message to their target audience. But, successful social media marketing is more than just sharing a post or giving out information. It’s more about interaction, engagement, as well as making connections and lasting impressions on viewers so that they keep coming back for more.

At Marak Technologies Pvt. Ltd. our social media marketing services are holistically directed towards easing your understanding of the target audience- What are they saying about you, how are they reacting to your posts, when is the best time to engage with them and the like. We help you manage and direct such customer conversations applying tactics that work best on each and every social media network that is appropriate for your brand or business.

Our Social Media Marketing Services

Marak Technologies Social Media Marketing Lifecycle

Allocation of a Social Media Manager

We assign a dedicated social media manager to progress your strategy and execute it.

Developing a Social Media Strategy

During this stage, our social media manager will help you create advertising strategies and funnels for your campaign to show you the roadmap to success. Creating Content Calendars and Advertisements

During this stage, our social media managers will help you create social media content and advertisements that are specific to your brand based on a monthly content calendar that will give you opportunities to review and approve anything before it goes live.

Daily maintenance and Optimization

This part of the lifecycle involves the daily management of your social media accounts and growth optimization.

Reporting and Communication

The last but most important part of social media marketing, in this stage we help you with monthly reports to review your performance.

Why Choose Us

Transparency: Our social media managers run everything by you before we start with our work. This gives you the opportunity to with us seamlessly without much effort from your end.

Low-risk contracts: Our services are backed with high integrity and want to earn your trust by providing great work.

Budget Saver: We understand that it can take a toll on your company budget to get your social media marketing strategy done. Well, with us you don’t need to spend much. We only charge you for the true cost of the services rendered and nothing more. If there are any additional charges we will let you know beforehand.